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How to Tell the Difference Between a Kayak and Canoe

For people new to water sports, the difference between a canoe and kayak can be quite confusing. Canoes and kayaks are both normally lightweight boats propelled and controlled by people using paddles, but each boat is unique in its own way. While both can be used for recreation as well as water sports, fishing, and traveling, there

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A simple guide to go off-the-grid and relax on the waterfront

Taking distance from our phones and laptops is barely possible in today’s busy life. That’s why here are some reasons why it’s so important to take a break from all the screens in your daily life. But foremost, we want to give you some concrete tips on how to find the time to really connect, offline obviously.

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My Adventure in Box, the ONAK – by Joao

The ONAK has given me a total sense of freedom when it comes to going on mini adventure trips. Know I can just fold/ unfold and enjoy city trips, while opening the door to other more adventurous trips.  From a very young age I’ve always loved traveling and getting away on adventure trips, we’re not

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Impressions of a canoeing rookie

My maiden voyage with the ONAK canoe led me through the beautiful historic canal Reep in Ghent. As an occasional paddler, I already gained some experience with inflatable canoes.I enjoy taking another viewpoint close to the water – and it seems that visiting a city via its waterways gets increasingly popular, judging from the amount

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Australia, be prepared!

Traveling with the ONAK! One month ago the moment was finally there! Hop on the plane and leave for a year!First of all a short layover of 3 weeks in Indonesia. Call it a pre-holiday. How decadent. 😉Afterwards: Onto my real destination: Australia! The ultimate outdoor country so a perfect fit to go on an

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Simply Sybi

‘When dreams come true’ … this happened to ex-colleague Otto, the creative brain and founder of the origami canoe ONAK. All beginnings are tough, but Otto found the right people with an equal amount of passion, who helped make the dream come true! Otto is from Ghent and that’s why we were lucky to test

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Once there was…

…a foldable canoe in search for a companion to go explore. After a while he finally found a little foldable bicycle. And so the friendship between the ONAK and the Brompton arose.Their friendship was based on simplicity and teamwork. When one of both was tired, the other took the lead and continued the journey. One

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Egon & Simon on an adventure!

Two amateurs taking the ONAK for a spin through Ghent city! Simon and I recently did an internship at ONAK, and we thought it would be great to tell you guys the story of our first paddle. To paddle you need … a canoe. Unfolding the ONAK for the first time was quite the experience!

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Canoeing on the reservoir of Nisramont (Barrage de Nisramont)

Did I feel like taking a photo trip with @kristof.massoels and @carlospimentel to test the ONAK, an origami canoe? I didn’t have to think about this question long. After a ‘WhatsApp-brainstorm-session’ the Nisramont reservoir (le Barrage de Nisramont) came up as destination for this micro adventure. Last week we went for it. We had met

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Uncover the hidden side of the world’s cities on the water. For many people, ‘canoeing’ conjures up pixel perfect pictures of pure wilderness. Misty lakes, rocky shorelines, old-growth forests. With no sound but the wind and a paddle slicing through the water…  But you don’t necessarily have to head up north for adventure. If you

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In-depth: Dressing for an amazing winter paddle

We love paddling our foldable origami canoes in winter. When you feel safe paddling calm canals and rivers, like for example in our hometown Ghent, it’s not that difficult to get dressed warm enough. Just wearing the clothes you’d normally put on when going for a hike will suffice. In this article, we will elaborate

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